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Saint Michaels Hospice Trek 2011

Directors at Cryer Baker complete Peruvian Charity Expedition

Machu Picu

A big thank you to all our generous supporters. Your kind support will really make a difference for the patients and clients of St Michaels Hospice and not to mention the lasting legacy at the junior school in Peru where we all spent time helping build a new classroom. The children really value the chance of an education with some having to walk 5 hours every day to get to and from school and we are delighted to have been able to help in some way to improve their future.

The monies raised (currently £80K in total and rising) is already being spent on individuals facing some of the most difficult times of their lives at St Michaels Hospice. Because of you they can help control symptoms, give dignity, help them focus on life and treat people as individuals.


Community Porject commences the St Micheals Hospice team ready with shovels and wheelbarrows

On arriving in Peru we acclimatised and then arrived at remote village to commence the school project

The building site as voluneers build the foundations

We worked for 2 days at the school completing the building of the foundations for a new school building. We camped in the village for 2 nights and were offered hospitality by the locals. At the end of the final day we were able to supply gifts and toys to all the children, some of whom walk for hours every day to receive an education

A young peruvian child looking at the camera from behind a wall

This was one of the children, very shy and wondering what was happening but very happy to receive her gifts before we left

The St Micheals Hospice team infront of the completed school room

This is a team photo with all of the children and the teachers having completed the building project

The Trek through a tough ravine

The next day the trek commenced, 4 days of walking 8 hours a day on difficult and dangerous terrain and camping each night, the first night temperatures dropped to -10, we had no bathroom, toilets, running water etc, had to really rough it

The team treking up a jungle path

The views and the scenery were quite spectacular, team leader set a tough pace through the valley to the final ascent, the inclines were tough at high altitude and the ascents were challenging on the legs, during the trek we passed through jungle, saw coffee, banana and avocado trees. We were advised to chew coca leaves and to drink coca tea regularly

Tim infront of Salkantay

We reached our highest point of just over 15,000 feet beneath the mountain, Salkantay

Arriving at Machu Picchu

On day 5 we reached Machu Picchu with aching legs which was a relief, Mark was shattered and struggled to break a smile

The view downwards from Machu Picchu

As you can see from the sheer height, the views from Machu Picchu were simply breathtaking

The whole team holding a St Micheals Hospice banner at the end of their trek

On completion of the trek the team gathered together to have a St Michaels Hospice team photograph, all 22 across the finishing line